Toss One 21



Game Description

Toss One 21 is a new, unique game where players and the dealer receive four cards and make their best three-card Blackjack hand by tossing out one of their cards. If they cannot make a three card hand of less than 21, then they bust and lose. If the player and the dealer tie in their three-card hand then the fourth card acts as a kicker to determine the winner. The optional Bonus 4 bet wins if all four of the player’s cards total 21 or less. The optional Lucky 3 Bonus bet wins if the player’s 3 Blackjack cards equal 21.

Rules of Play

  1. Players must make a main bet to begin play. They may also make an optional Lucky 3 and/or Bonus 4 bet.
  2. The dealer then deals each player and himself 4 cards.
  3. After seeing their four cards, players must “toss one” card so that the remaining three cards are as close to 21 as possible without going over.
  4. If the player cannot make a three-card hand of 21 or less then they bust and lose their hand, their Bonus 4 bet and their Lucky 3 Bonus bet.
  5. After all players have made their three-card hand or busted, the dealer reveals his four cards and makes his best three-card Blackjack hand.
  6. If the dealer cannot make a three-card hand of 21 or less, he busts and all remaining players win their hand.
  7. The dealer then compares each player’s hand against his own. The three-card hand closest to 21 wins. If the player and the dealer have the same three-card hand, then the fourth card is used as a kicker. Standard Blackjack rankings apply to kickers.
  8. If a player has a three-card hand totaling 21 consisting of an Ace and two ten value cards that acts as a Blackjack. The player would immediately get paid 3:2 or 6:5 (see layout for odds) instead of even money. A player Blackjack always wins regardless of the dealer’s hand. All other winners receive even money.
  9. The player loses all tie hands. This only includes four-card ties in which the three-card value and the kicker value are the same between player and dealer.
  10. The Lucky 3 Bonus bet is paid after the main bet if the player’s 3 card hand totals 21 or is a Blackjack. See paytable for odds.
  11. The Bonus 4 bet gets paid when the total of all four of the player’s cards is 21 or less. The smaller the total, the larger the payout. See paytable for odds.