Super 4 Progressive Blackjack


How to Play

  • Players wager on the base blackjack game. In addition, they may wager on the Jackpot Blackjack, Buster Blackjack, and Super 4 side bets.
  • Dealers deal traditional blackjack.
  • After the cards are dealt, the dealer will pay Jackpot Blackjack wagers according to the posted pay table. If a player receives a
  • Three-of-a-Kind of Jacks, Queens, Kings, or Aces, odds are paid on the Blackjack Jackpot wager.
  • After the hands are settled, if the dealer busts, the dealer will pay odds on all Buster Blackjack wagers.
  • The dealer settles all Super 4 wagers according to the posted odds.
  • The dealer then settles all main blackjack wagers.

Super 4

  • Players combine their two cards with the dealer’s two cards to make a four-card poker hand.
  • If the dealer shows Ace up, everyone wins.
  • If the dealer has a blackjack, the Super 4 Bonus will pay odds.
  • Royal Flush (Diamonds) wins the top Progressive Jackpot.
  • *See posted pay table for other odds.

Featured Side Bets

  • Jackpot Blackjack

    Jackpot Blackjack will pay odds when a player makes a Three-of-a-Kind of Jacks, Queens, Kings or Aces using the player’s two cards and the dealer’s up card. The Jackpot Blackjack wager will also win even money so long as the player’s blackjack hand beats the dealer’s hand. *See posted pay table for odds.

  • Buster Blackjack

    If the dealer busts, players who wagered on Buster Blackjack win.
    *See posted pay table for odds.