Savage Island


Game Description

Savage Island is a new game title based on Gold Dragon Red Dragon. It is offered in 75- and 100-credit nominal bet versions. Because it offers a perceived higher volatility to the player, it has been branded as Fierce Factor™. In addition to a scatter-initiated free spins bonus, it features PowerXStream evaluation (with left-to-right and right-to-left pays) and streaming stacks, in both the base game and free spins. This game is available for both the Genesis/Halo and Icon dual-screen cabinets in Class II and the Icon cabinet in Class III

Game Features

  • 3-4-4-4-3, 576 ways to win
  • Max bet: 350 – 500 cr
  • Min bet: 75 – 100 cr
  • Game features: PowerXStream pay mechanic, Fierce Factor feature, Free Spins bonus
  • Denomination: 1¢
  • Multiple payout template options
  • Volatility: Medium