Jackpot Blackjack



Players start by wagering on the base blackjack bet, and the optional Jackpot Blackjack and Trifecta Bonus side bets. The dealer will then deal according to normal blackjack rules. Using the two player cards and the dealer’s up card, the dealer will settle all Trifecta wagers in action. If the base blackjack wager wins, the Jackpot Blackjack wager also wins even money. In the case of a split, only the first hand’s results are used for the

Jackpot Blackjack

Jackpot Blackjack will pay odds when a player makes a Three-of-a-Kind of Jacks, Queens, Kings or Aces using the player’s two cards and the dealer’s upcard. The Jackpot Blackjack wager will also win even money so long as the player’s blackjack hand beats the dealer’s hand.
*See posted pay table for odds.

Trifecta Bonus

Trifecta is an optional side bet for blackjack. Players use their two cards and the dealer’s up card to make a three-card poker hand. Trifecta pays odds when a player makes at least a pair of Jacks or better.
*See posted pay table for additional winning hands and odds.