Diamond Lotto


Game Description

Looking for a lotto loaded with pizzazz and dazzle? Unearth a 6-ball gaming gem with Diamond Lotto and sparkle like a star! Abounding in features, this diamond-studded lotto is designed to put you in the casino limelight. Brace yourself for gaming prime time because it’s your time to shine!

Game Features

  • Match all 6 digits in the order in which they were drawn with no more than 1 DIAMOND and win the jackpot! If you match the 6 digits with 2 DIAMONDS or more, you win 1000x your bet!
  • You may buy 1 to 3 EXTRA BALLS when you are one number away from obtaining a FIRST-4, FIRST-5, FIRST-6, or ANY 5 combination.
  • You win 5 free games with a FIRST-3 combination. You could win more free games during the Fever mode!
  • Obtain the FIRST-2 digit pattern in Fever mode and play the Diamond Bonus! Find as many diamonds as possible hiding amounts of the same color.
  • The Diamond Ball symbol replaces and number.


  • Configuration: Lotto
  • Denominations: Multi
  • Languages: English, Spanish